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Chalcopyrite is one of those minerals that will get your attention. This stone complements the world of crystals with its uniqueness and beauty with a gold-like look. It is mentioned as peacock ore in some sources for its beautifully glowing gold, purple, pink, blue, or green.

It is a stone that carries inner light and union with the soul. It will clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and chakras from energy blocks. Surrounded by soothing energy, the stone will help you understand your goals and values, which you will integrate into life.

Because of these qualities, it is an excellent crystal worth having during meditation. It will be easier for you to calm down, focus on your inner self and let all the healing light into your life. Chalcopyrite will show you that there is perfection in every moment. Therefore, we must appreciate the moment here and now by drawing from the wisdom that the universe sends us.

On top of all that, the crystal will help you remember that we are all worthy of love, and you are no exception. Chalcopyrite helps in love affairs by soothing the agitated mind. If you disagree with your partner, trust the crystal - it will allow you to assess the current situation better, feel what both you and your other half want and why there is dissatisfaction with each other.

Like other gold-coloured minerals, it attracts financial well-being. When kept at home, it will bring fullness and prosperity, and in the workplace, it will bring undoubted success and appreciation. If you seek a promotion, you should carry chalcopyrite with you as often as possible.

The crystal helps those with lung, bronchial or throat problems. It reduces inflammation and helps in cell regeneration. Chalcopyrite has also been shown to affect blood circulation in the brain positively. It is thought to reduce the pressure of potentially existing tumours and stop their growth.

Crystal: Chalcopyrite. 
Country of origin: Peru. 
Chemical composition: CuFeS2. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 3,5 - 4. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Chalcopyrite properties

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