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Chakras pendant – Freefall

Chakras pendant – Freefall

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Chakras Pendant – Freefall: A Spiritual Cascade of Balance

Immerse yourself in a spiritual journey with the Chakras Pendant – Freefall. This pendant doesn't merely serve as an accessory, it's a symbol of harmony, balance, and the flow of life energy. It's intricately designed to represent the seven primary chakras, acting as a powerful spiritual guide in your journey of self-discovery.


Appearance: The pendant features a unique 'freefall' design, mirroring the flow of energy through the chakras. It's decorated with gemstones, each representing one of the seven primary chakras.

Chakra Properties: Each chakra point has a unique energy, and the pendant serves as a tool for aligning these energies, promoting spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Energy Flow: The pendant symbolizes the flow of life force or prana through the body, reminding the wearer to maintain balance and harmony in life.
  • Spiritual Connection: The representation of the chakras provides a deep connection to spiritual energies and self-awareness.


  • Fashion Statement: The unique design and colorful gemstones make the pendant a vibrant accessory that can add a dash of color and spirituality to any outfit.
  • Meditation Aid: It can be used as a focal point during meditation, helping in chakra balancing and spiritual growth.
  • Gift of Enlightenment: This pendant makes a thoughtful gift for those on a spiritual journey, promoting balance, healing, and self-discovery.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Gently clean with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals which may damage the stones.
  • Storage: Store the pendant in a soft pouch or jewelry box to maintain its beauty and prevent scratches.


The Chakras Pendant – Freefall serves as a striking symbol of life's energy flow. Its stunning design, combined with the powerful representation of the chakras, makes it a unique piece for any jewelry collection. Whether you're on a spiritual journey or simply drawn to the beauty of the chakras, this pendant offers a profound and colorful representation of life's vitality.

Minerals included:

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