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Carnelian – XXS

Carnelian – XXS

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Carnelian XXS – Ignite Creativity and Courage

Welcome to the vibrant energy of our Carnelian XXS, small yet potent crystals brimming with life-affirming energies. Sold in 35g packs, these tiny crystals are perfect for those seeking a creative spark and enhanced courage in their daily life.

About Carnelian:

Carnelian, the Stone of Motivation and Endurance, is renowned for its ability to inspire courage, boost creativity, and promote positive life choices. It carries a strong connection with the sacral chakra, stimulating passion and a zest for life.


  • Size: Conveniently packaged in 35g packs, the Carnelian XXS crystals provide the flexibility to carry their invigorating energy wherever you go.
  • Color and Texture: Carnelian's vibrant orange-red hue reflects its lively spirit and the passionate energy it carries.
  • Healing Properties: The crystals help stimulate creativity, boost motivation, and encourage positive life decisions.

Why Choose Carnelian XXS?

  • For Creativity: Carnelian's energy inspires creativity and helps to dispel apathy or indecision.
  • For Courage: Carnelian boosts courage, promoting positive life choices and the motivation to achieve your goals.
  • For Portability: These tiny crystals can be taken with you anywhere, allowing you to access Carnelian's energizing properties whenever you need them.

Perfect For:

  • Creatives: Ideal for artists, writers, musicians, or anyone needing a creative boost.
  • Goal-Setters: Carnelian aids those looking to make bold choices and chase their dreams.
  • Gifts: A thoughtful gift for anyone who could use a dose of inspiration and courage in their life.


Our Carnelian XXS crystals may be small in size, but they pack a punch with their vibrant, life-enhancing energy. They embody Carnelian's quintessential attributes of motivation, courage, and creativity.

Please note: As Carnelian is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Empower your journey towards your dreams with the motivational energy of our Carnelian XXS crystals. Let their radiant energy ignite your creativity and courage every step of the way.

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