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Carnelian – Heart

Carnelian – Heart

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Carnelian Heart 40mm - Ignite Passion and Embrace Creativity

Introducing the striking 40mm Carnelian Heart, a symbol of courage, vitality, and creativity. This heart is characterized by its warm and vibrant hues that vary from orange to reddish-brown. Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra, stoking the fires of passion, and igniting your creative spark.

About Carnelian: Known as the Stone of Motivation and Endurance, Carnelian is revered for its ability to enhance life force, stimulate metabolism, and boost courage. It encourages positive life choices and motivates for success in business and other matters.


Shape and Size: Beautifully carved into a heart shape, the Carnelian Heart measures 40mm, symbolizing love, bravery, and zeal. Color and Texture: Its fiery hues range from orange to reddish-brown, symbolizing the ember of burgeoning creativity. Healing Properties: Known to enhance motivation, endurance, leadership, and courage, Carnelian stimulates a love of life. Why Choose a Carnelian Heart?

For Passion: Carnelian stirs the soul, igniting passion and motivation for a fulfilling life. For Creativity: It boosts creativity and helps in expressing one's unique qualities. For Unique Beauty: Its vibrant colors make it an eye-catching piece, whether worn as jewelry or placed in the home. Perfect For:

Motivation Seekers: For those who need a boost in drive and determination. Creative Souls: A fantastic gift for artists, writers, and all who wish to ignite their creativity. Decorative Display: Its radiant energy and beautiful hues make it a stunning piece for home or office. Conclusion: The Carnelian Heart is not just a gorgeous piece of natural art; it's a symbol of passion, creativity, and vitality. The 40mm size makes it perfect for holding during meditation or displaying in your sacred space.

Please note: As Carnelian is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Let the Carnelian Heart be your personal flame, igniting your passions and guiding you on your creative journey. Embrace the energy of Carnelian and manifest your dreams with confidence and vitality.

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