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Cairo night – Heart

Cairo night – Heart

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Cairo Night Heart 40mm - Ignite Your Mystical Journey

Presenting our captivating 40mm Cairo Night Heart, an emblem of mystery, grounding, and spiritual exploration. Known for its dusky shades and sparkling specks, Cairo Night is reminiscent of the starry night skies above Egypt's magical capital, resonating with the powerful grounding and protective energies.

About Cairo Night:
Though not a traditional gemstone, Cairo Night carries a unique charm that touches the deep recesses of one's soul. It encapsulates the mystery and grandeur of the ancient world, invoking a sense of curiosity and wonder.


Shape and Size: Expertly carved into a heart shape, this Cairo Night Heart measures 40mm, symbolizing love, mystery, and spiritual journey.
Color and Texture: Cairo Night is characterized by its deep black color, interspersed with tiny sparkles, much like the night sky, providing a tactile connection to the cosmos.
Energies: Cairo Night resonates with grounding energies, offering protection and enhancing one's connection with the universe.
Why Choose a Cairo Night Heart?

For Grounding: The dark shades of Cairo Night are known to resonate with the base chakra, promoting a sense of grounding and stability.
For Protection: Its energies can protect you from negative influences, creating a safe spiritual space.
For Unique Beauty: Its mystic beauty and captivating presence make it a striking addition to any space.
Perfect For:

Spiritual Explorers: For those wishing to delve deep into their spiritual journey.
Avid Collectors: A unique addition for gemstone and mineral enthusiasts.
Decorative Display: Its mystic beauty makes it a conversation-starting piece for home or office.
The Cairo Night Heart is more than just a piece of ornamental art; it's a symbol of grounding, protection, and the mysteries of the universe. The 40mm size makes it perfect for holding during meditation or for decorating your sacred space.

Please note: As Cairo Night is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Invite the mysteries of the cosmos into your life with the Cairo Night Heart. Let it guide your spiritual journey and provide a grounding presence in your environment.

This is human made mineral.
They are not natural minerals

Other known names: Blue aventurine, gold stone, synthetic aventurine 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Synthetic aventurine properties

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Cairo night stone

Thank you very much, it was my first time ordering from your website. I got my order quickly and stones are beautiful.