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Cairo night crystal bracelet – 6mm

Cairo night crystal bracelet – 6mm

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Experience the allure of an Egyptian night with our Cairo Night Crystal Bracelet. Skillfully adorned with 6mm crystals and strung on a robust yet flexible string, this bracelet captures the captivating beauty of Cairo's star-studded nightscape. Designed to fit any wrist comfortably, it effortlessly fuses mystery and elegance into a versatile piece of jewelry.

The Cairo Night Crystal Bracelet draws its inspiration from the enchanting night sky of Cairo. Each 6mm crystal sparkles like a distant star against the velvet backdrop of the night, embodying the mesmerizing spectacle of Cairo's skyline under a moonlit sky.

The play of light within each crystal bead creates a fascinating visual dynamic, mirroring the shimmering beauty of a star-filled Egyptian night. The flexible string on which the beads are strung allows the bracelet to comfortably embrace any wrist, ensuring the wearer can experience this piece's beauty and charm regardless of their size.

Each Cairo Night Crystal Bracelet is handcrafted with precision, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality, thoughtful jewelry. The selection and placement of each crystal bead are meticulously executed to uphold our high standards of quality while capturing the essence of Cairo's nocturnal beauty.

The Cairo Night Crystal Bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a wearable piece of night sky. Whether it's a keepsake of your travels, a symbol of love for a dear one, or a token of appreciation for the beauty of the world, this bracelet is a beautiful testament to the eternal allure of a starry night in Cairo.

This is human made mineral.
They are not natural minerals

Other known names: Blue aventurine, gold stone, synthetic aventurine 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Synthetic aventurine properties

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