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Brachiopods, like many other fossils, are a symbol of longevity. They have a strong connection to the past and hold invaluable knowledge of the earth and its energies that it shares with humans. These fossils have a beautiful wing shape, which symbolizes inner freedom, spiritual growth, the abandonment of old stereotypes.

People believe that with their healing properties, brachiopods strengthen bones, reduce limb pain. They are known to normalize cell metabolism, energy levels, blood pressure and strengthen the heart. The stone also has positive effects on the nervous system.

This fossil is associated with the chakras of the root and solar plexus. It will give you a sense of stability, help you be more confident, motivates you to act. With this stone, ego or old beliefs will no longer influence your decisions. The earth's energy accumulated over many years will give you wisdom and help you better understand the world around you and its principles. It will surely bring more harmony and peace to your life.

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Brachiopoda properties

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Fossil properties

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