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Bornite attracts everyone’s attention with its glowing blue, purple, green and gold colours, reminiscent of beautiful peacocks. Therefore, often the stone is called peacock ore. Usually, it is found in copper ore veins, mainly in hydrothermal metamorphic rocks and mesothermal veins.

With its healing vibrations, the stone will paint your life in the most beautiful colours. It will give you more vitality and stimulates your creative thinking. Even in the most challenging situations, you will enjoy and appreciate your life and discover your strengths to move forward. Thanks to the mineral, your self-esteem will rise by rejecting any doubts, fears or self-limitations. It will arouse your willingness to try new ideas and experiences.

Bornite will help you focus on the present. It will be easier for you to live in the "here and now" moment, releasing all the past painful experiences and no longer feeling fear of the future. Only in this way, you will see the universe's overall picture and understand your role in it.

Country of origin: Austria. 
Chemical composition: Cu5FeS4
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 3–3.25.