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Bloodstone pendant – Pebble

Bloodstone pendant – Pebble

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Bloodstone Pendant – Pebble: A Tactile Connection to Healing Energies

Delve into the harmonious energy of the Bloodstone Pendant, shaped as a natural pebble. This earthy piece of jewelry offers more than aesthetic beauty; it's a tangible connection to the nurturing and healing vibrations of the Earth.


  • Appearance: The Bloodstone, known for its deep green hue with red speckles, is fashioned into a smooth, pebble-like shape. Its organic and unrefined form appeals to those who appreciate natural beauty.
  • Stone Properties: Bloodstone is renowned for its healing properties, particularly associated with detoxification and revitalizing the body.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Energetic Healing: Bloodstone's energy is thought to purify the bloodstream, boost immunity, and foster overall well-being.
  • Grounding: The pebble shape enhances Bloodstone's grounding properties, connecting the wearer with the Earth's stabilizing energies.


  • Personal Talisman: This pebble-shaped pendant can be a personal symbol of strength, healing, and connection to nature.
  • Therapeutic Accessory: Many practitioners of holistic therapies utilize Bloodstone for its believed ability to enhance physical and emotional healing.
  • Naturalistic Style: Its natural shape and earthy colors make it a versatile accessory, aligning well with casual and nature-inspired fashion.

Care and Handling:

  • Cleaning: Use a soft cloth with mild soap for cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Wearing: Suitable for daily wear, but as with all gemstone jewelry, it should be handled with care to prevent scratching or damage.


The Bloodstone Pendant – Pebble provides a unique and tactile experience for the wearer, as its smooth surface and organic shape invite touch and contemplation. Whether seeking a symbol of healing, a tool for spiritual practices, or a unique accessory that complements a naturalistic style, this pendant is a compelling choice. Its earthy aesthetics and reputed metaphysical properties make it a fascinating piece for collectors and those attuned to the energetic world alike.

Other known names: heliotrope, blood stone. 

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Customer Reviews

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Olena Yakovishyna
подвеска Heliotrop-галька

Щиро дякую за підвіску, саме така про яку мріяла. дякую за миттєву доставку,

Aušra Butkevičienė

Heliotropas pakabukas – Akmenukas