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Black onyx – XXS

Black onyx – XXS

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Black Onyx XXS – Empowerment and Protection

Introducing our Black Onyx XXS, tiny crystals that hold vast protective and empowering energies. These small crystals, sold in 35g packs, are ideal for anyone seeking enhanced self-control, resilience, and protection against negative energy.

About Black Onyx:

Black Onyx, known as the Stone of Inner Strength, is celebrated for its ability to bestow self-confidence and shield one from negative energies. It helps fortify self-discipline and fosters emotional well-being, making it perfect for those facing a challenging situation.


  • Size: The Black Onyx XXS crystals are sold in compact 35g packs, making them easy to keep with you for their protective and strengthening qualities.
  • Color and Texture: With its deep black color, the Black Onyx emanates a strong and grounding energy.
  • Healing Properties: Black Onyx encourages emotional stability, resilience, and helps enhance one's self-control and determination.

Why Choose Black Onyx XXS?

  • For Inner Strength: Black Onyx supports self-discipline, assisting those who need to stick to their decisions or commitments.
  • For Protection: The stone shields its owner from negative energy and influences.
  • For Portability: These tiny crystals can accompany you everywhere, allowing for constant access to Black Onyx's empowering energies.

Perfect For:

  • Goal-Setters: Black Onyx is a great ally for those committed to achieving their goals through determination and self-discipline.
  • Those Seeking Protection: The crystals provide a protective shield against negative energies.
  • Gifts: An ideal gift for anyone needing a boost of inner strength and emotional balance.


Though small in size, our Black Onyx XXS crystals carry powerful energies of protection and personal strength. They embody Black Onyx's essential qualities, serving as a grounding force and a source of resilience and self-discipline.

Please note: As Black Onyx is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Enhance your journey towards self-empowerment with the protective and fortifying energies of our Black Onyx XXS crystals. Carry them with you as a tangible reminder of your inner strength and resilience.

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