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Angelite XXL

Angelite XXL

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Angelite: The Stone of Serenity and Angelic Communication


Dive into the ethereal realm with Angelite, also known as Blue Anhydrite, a stone renowned for its soothing blue hue that evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. Its soft, dreamlike quality is mirrored by its gentle energy, making it a popular stone for spiritual enthusiasts and those looking for emotional respite.

  • Appearance: Angelite, in its XXL form, boasts a solid blue, sometimes with slight white or grey inclusions. Its subtle luster and milky texture contribute to its dreamy aura.

  • Formation: Angelite is formed from the compression of Celestite over millions of years, metamorphosing into this beautiful blue stone.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Angelic Connection: True to its name, Angelite is believed to facilitate communication with the angelic realm, fostering feelings of guidance and protection.

  • Throat Chakra: Angelite is closely associated with the Throat Chakra, potentially aiding in clear communication and self-expression.

  • Emotional Harmony: Its calming energy is said to dispel fear, anger, and anxiety, replacing them with tranquility and understanding.

  • Spiritual Awareness: Angelite can promote heightened awareness and is often used in meditation to enhance psychic abilities and spiritual insight.


  • Meditation Stone: Due to its spiritual properties, Angelite in its XXL size can be a centerpiece in meditation spaces, guiding deep introspection and serenity.

  • Home Décor: Its large size and beautiful hue make Angelite a wonderful decorative piece, adding peaceful energy to any room.

  • Healing Practices: Practitioners of crystal healing may use Angelite for its reputed ability to enhance telepathy, out-of-body experiences, and other spiritual journeys.

Care & Handling:

  • Moisture Sensitivity: Angelite is a sulfate mineral and can be damaged by water. Avoid immersing it in water or cleaning it with wet methods.

  • Handling: Handle with care. Angelite can be softer than many other crystals and can be scratched or chipped if mishandled.

  • Storing: Store it separately, preferably in a soft cloth or padded box, to ensure it retains its smooth texture.


Angelite in its XXL form stands as a majestic representation of peace, connection, and spiritual understanding. Whether you're seeking a deepened spiritual journey, a calming presence in your home, or simply an entrancing piece of Mother Earth's beauty, this stone can be a harmonious addition to any collection or space.


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