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Angelite pendant – Drop

Angelite pendant – Drop

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Angelite Pendant - Drop


This captivating Angelite pendant, in a delicate drop shape, brings out the serenity of the pale blue Angelite stone. Angelite, also known as Anhydrite, is a mineral that's appreciated for its soothing color, similar to the hues of the sky. Its subtle yet mesmerizing shade has a tranquil effect, making this pendant a unique and sought-after piece of jewelry.


  1. Jewelry: With its elegant drop shape, this pendant is perfect to be worn as a standalone accessory or can be paired with other complementary pieces. It can add a serene touch to any outfit.

  2. Metaphysical Properties: Angelite is said to promote communication and self-expression. It is also believed to help in connecting with higher realms and angelic energies, hence the name. The calming energy of this stone is said to aid emotional healing and alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

  3. Gift: An Angelite pendant can be a thoughtful gift for those who are drawn to the spiritual properties of gemstones or those who simply appreciate the beauty of natural minerals.


Angelite is a fairly soft stone, scoring a 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it should be handled with care. It is susceptible to scratches and should be kept away from other hard materials. It's also soluble in water, so avoid wearing it while swimming or bathing. To clean, use a dry or slightly damp cloth and pat dry immediately.

Please Note:

Each Angelite pendant is unique due to natural variations in the stone's color and pattern. This means each piece will truly be one of a kind.

Ideal For:

The Angelite drop pendant is a perfect choice for individuals drawn to the soothing energy of gemstones, those in search of unique, natural jewelry, or anyone who appreciates the serene hues of the sky captured in a beautiful accessory.

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