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Ammonite fossil – 25-45mm

Ammonite fossil – 25-45mm

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Ammonite Fossil 25-45mm – A Portal to Prehistoric Wonders

Venture back millions of years to a time when marine creatures such as the Ammonites ruled the oceans. This Ammonite Fossil, sized between 25-45mm, is a captivating relic from our planet's prehistoric past, its intricate spirals holding the essence of Earth's ancient marine ecosystems.

About Ammonite:

Ammonites were marine mollusks that thrived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, approximately 240 - 65 million years ago. Their spiral shells are a testament to the Fibonacci sequence seen throughout nature. Today, Ammonite fossils are cherished for their unique beauty, historical significance, and as symbols of continuous growth and change.


  • Shape and Size: Each Ammonite Fossil ranges from 25-45mm, making it a convenient size for collection, study, or display.
  • Unique Patterns: Every fossil showcases unique patterns and textures within its coiled structure, echoing the chambers that once housed the living creature.
  • Historical Significance: Owning an Ammonite fossil means owning a piece of Earth's ancient history, a connection to a bygone era.

Why Choose an Ammonite Fossil?

  • Scientific and Historical Importance: Ammonite fossils encapsulate a fascinating chapter in our planet's geological and biological history.
  • Decorative Appeal: Their intricate spirals and earthly hues make Ammonites an aesthetically pleasing addition to any setting.
  • Symbolic Representation: Across various cultures, Ammonites symbolize continuous evolution and transformation.

Perfect For:

  • Fossil Collectors: This is an indispensable addition to any fossil or natural history collection.
  • Decorative Display: Its unique aesthetic allure makes it an engaging decorative element for home or office.
  • Gift Option: This makes an ideal gift for anyone fascinated by geology, paleontology, or the natural world.


Our Ammonite Fossil, measuring between 25-45mm, is more than a decorative artifact; it's a tangible piece of Earth's ancient past and a symbol of life's perseverance and fluidity. Whether used for display, study, or meditation, its modest size and fascinating backstory make it an enchanting possession.

Please note: Due to the natural process of fossilization, expect variations in color, size, and pattern. These variations add to the charm and uniqueness of each piece.

Experience a journey through time with our Ammonite Fossil – a testament to the enduring beauty of life's evolution.

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