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Ammonite fossil – 170mm

Ammonite fossil – 170mm

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Ammonite Fossil 170mm – A Glimpse into Earth's Majestic Past

Marvel at the beauty and majesty of Earth's ancient history with our Ammonite Fossil, sized at an impressive 170mm. This prehistoric treasure, preserved for millions of years, features mesmerizing spirals that reflect the sacred geometry of nature, making it a true collector's item.

About Ammonite:

Ammonites were marine creatures that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, about 240 - 65 million years ago. Their distinctive spiral shell is an example of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. Today, these fossils are prized for their historical importance, unique beauty, and symbolism of evolution and change.


  • Shape and Size: With its size at 170mm, this Ammonite Fossil is a substantial and commanding piece, perfect for showcasing.
  • Unique Patterns: The intricate spiral pattern, unique to each fossil, signifies the chambers that once housed the living Ammonite.
  • Historical Significance: Owning an Ammonite fossil is owning a piece of Earth's ancient past, connecting us to a world that predated us by millions of years.

Why Choose an Ammonite Fossil?

  • Scientific and Historical Importance: Ammonite fossils provide a window into our planet's geological and biological past.
  • Decorative Appeal: The striking spiral patterns and earth-toned colors make Ammonites an attractive addition to any decor.
  • Symbolic Representation: Across many cultures, Ammonites are seen as symbols of continuous growth and evolution.

Perfect For:

  • Fossil Collectors: This substantial fossil is a must-have addition to any fossil or natural history collection.
  • Decorative Display: The grand size and fascinating backstory make it a captivating decorative piece for home or office.
  • Gift Option: This fossil makes an exceptional gift for those interested in geology, paleontology, or the wonders of the natural world.


Our 170mm Ammonite Fossil transcends time, connecting us to Earth's rich and ancient past. Its enchanting spirals and large size make it a true conversation starter, and its connection to life's constant evolution makes it a symbol of endurance and transformation.

Please note: Due to the nature of fossilization, each Ammonite Fossil will have variations in color, pattern, and size, which add to its charm and uniqueness.

Step back in time and connect with the ancients through our Ammonite Fossil – a tangible testament to the enduring beauty and complexity of life.

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