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Ammonite fossil – 10-25mm

Ammonite fossil – 10-25mm

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Ammonite Fossil 10-25mm – Tiny Testament to Earth's Past

Introducing our compact Ammonite Fossil, measuring between 10-25mm. This fossilized remnant from an extinct marine mollusk presents a fascinating snapshot of a time long gone. Its small size makes it perfect for collections, educational purposes, or as a unique item of interest.

About Ammonite:

Ammonites, once thriving in the world's oceans from the Devonian period until the end of the Cretaceous period, are now extinct. Their stunning spiral shells, which exhibit the mathematical Fibonacci sequence, are iconic symbols of the ancient world, embodying the concept of perpetual change and evolution.


  • Shape and Size: Compact at 10-25mm, this Ammonite Fossil is ideal for collections, education, or as a distinctive keepsake.
  • Unique Patterns: Every Ammonite Fossil boasts its own complex spiral pattern, an echo of the once-living creature's chambers.
  • Historical Significance: Owning an Ammonite fossil means possessing a piece of Earth's extensive marine history.

Why Choose an Ammonite Fossil?

  • Scientific and Historical Interest: Ammonite fossils captivate with their rich insight into our planet's extensive biological and geological past.
  • Decorative Appeal: Their unique spiral patterns and natural hues make Ammonites a charming addition to any setting.
  • Symbol of Evolution: The Ammonite is a visual symbol of ongoing growth and transformation, respected across numerous cultures.

Perfect For:

  • Fossil Collectors: This intriguing tiny fossil is an excellent addition to any fossil or natural history collection.
  • Educational Use: Its small size makes it ideal for educational purposes, giving a tangible insight into the Earth's past.
  • Unique Gift: It makes a thoughtful gift for those with an interest in geology, paleontology, or the wonders of the natural world.


Our 10-25mm Ammonite Fossil provides a compact yet compelling connection to the Earth's ancient past. With its intriguing spirals and rich history, it's a conversation piece, while its symbolism of continual evolution serves as a reminder of life's persistent transformation.

Please note: As Ammonite is a fossil, each piece will have variations in color, pattern, and size, making it unique.

Engage with the ancient world and its enduring mysteries through our Ammonite Fossil, a tiny but poignant testament to life's perpetual evolution.

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Nijolė Karopčikienė
Amonitas fosilija

Man nepanašu į suakmenėjusią kriauklę ir tuo labiau į fosiliją... iš pažiūros plastmasė klystu, bet kažkaip nusivyliau

Jie visi labai skirtingi dėl savo prigimties.
Bet esate saugūs, visada priimame atgal arba pakeičiame.

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