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Amethyst raw – XXS

Amethyst raw – XXS

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Amethyst Raw XXS – The Power of Nature in the Palm of Your Hand

Meet our uncut Amethyst Raw XXS crystals. Small yet vibrant, these raw, untouched gemstones come in 35g packs, offering you the innate serenity and spiritual enhancement of Amethyst in its most natural form. Perfect for those who want a constant, portable source of soothing energy.

About Amethyst:

Revered as the Stone of Spirituality and Contentment, Amethyst brings a high spiritual vibration. Its calming energies foster peace, equilibrium, and spiritual evolution, perfectly aligning with the crown chakra and guiding you towards higher consciousness.


  • Size: Our Amethyst Raw XXS crystals are available in handy 35g packs, ideal for crystal healing, meditation, or carrying with you as a pocket companion.
  • Color and Texture: With their uncut, vibrant purple hue, these Amethyst crystals remind you of the tranquility they foster.
  • Healing Properties: Amethyst is renowned for encouraging emotional balance, inner peace, spiritual growth, and sharpened intuition.

Why Choose Amethyst Raw XXS?

  • For Spiritual Development: Amethyst's robust spiritual energy aids in personal evolution and self-discovery.
  • For Emotional Harmony: Known to calm the mind and encourage emotional balance, Amethyst is perfect for those dealing with stress or anxiety.
  • For Portability: These tiny, raw crystals are perfect for carrying with you, ensuring the soothing energy of Amethyst is always within reach.

Perfect For:

  • Spiritual Seekers: Those on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.
  • Peace Pursuers: Those seeking emotional balance and inner peace.
  • Gifts: These small, raw Amethyst crystals make a unique and thoughtful gift.


While small, our Amethyst Raw XXS crystals carry the immense tranquility and spiritual growth associated with Amethyst. Their raw, vibrant purple hue, coupled with their strong healing energy, makes them a valuable tool for anyone seeking spiritual advancement and emotional balance.

Please note: As Amethyst is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Experience the tranquil, spiritual energy of our raw Amethyst XXS crystals. Whether carried in your pocket or used in meditation, let them guide you on your journey to higher consciousness and emotional tranquility.

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