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Amethyst – Raw

Amethyst – Raw

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Amethyst – Raw: A Stone of Spiritual Tranquility

Amethyst, revered throughout history and adorned by royalty, is a stunning member of the quartz family. Its alluring purple hue ranges from light lavender to deep violet and represents the stone of spiritual wisdom, tranquility, and protection. In its raw form, Amethyst showcases its natural beauty and untamed elegance.


  • Appearance: Amethyst's raw form brings out its mysterious purple color and multifaceted crystal structure. The rough, unpolished surface reflects its pure and untamed beauty.
  • Formation: Often found in geodes, Amethyst forms stunning crystal clusters. It gets its purple hue from iron and other trace minerals within its structure.
  • Size and Shape: Raw Amethyst will vary in shape and size, and each piece is unique, reflecting the complexity of nature's creation.

Metaphysical Properties:

  • Calming and Meditative: Amethyst is renowned for its soothing energy that promotes peace, balance, and emotional healing.
  • Spiritual Awakening: It's a powerful aid in spiritual growth, enhancing intuition, and connecting to higher realms.
  • Protection: Known for its protective qualities, Amethyst guards against negative energies and psychic attacks.


  • Meditation Aid: Amethyst’s tranquil energy makes it a popular choice for meditation practices, deepening focus, and spiritual connection.
  • Decorative Element: Raw Amethyst's striking appearance makes it a beautiful decorative piece that adds a touch of nature's artistry to any space.
  • Healing Practices: In crystal healing, Amethyst is used to alleviate stress, headaches, and support emotional well-being.

Care and Handling:

  • Handling: Handle raw Amethyst with care, as rough edges might be present.
  • Cleaning: Clean with a soft brush and lukewarm water. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight as it may fade the color.

Note: Each raw Amethyst is uniquely formed by nature, so variations in shape, size, and color are to be expected, adding to its charm and individuality.

Embrace the spiritual tranquility and timeless elegance of Amethyst – Raw. Whether utilized in spiritual practices, as an enchanting home decor piece, or for its healing properties, raw Amethyst serves as a beautiful reminder of nature's perfection and the deeper connections within ourselves.

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