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Amazonite has a variety of green to bluish-green colours in a range of many saturations of shades and tones. Its name is linked with the Amazon's River because it is believed the stone was first discovered there. However, it was widely used in many regions. Ancient Egyptians made this stone famous around the globe with their fabulous amazonite's jewellery.

Amazonite is associated with fate, money, and overall success. The stone's energies effectively calm down changing moods, minds, contradictions, longing and heartache. It is essential to mention that the stone can help alcoholics and addicts leave their habits and rehabilitate. It gives hope and endurance, helps to make difficult decisions, motivates to act. This mineral promotes spiritual development, realise past experiences, and strengthens the sense of duty and responsibility.

Amazonite heals and opens the heart and throat chakras. It rises self-expression, creativity, intuition, self-confidence, and honest communication. Use it if you have a habit of telling falsifying facts when talking with others. It will strengthen the words you speak with the power of truth. On top of that, this stone can help you understand yourself and support you to embrace your inner truth, after that you will be able to express it effectively.

Amazonite is a beneficial stone for all variety of artists. It transforms the emotional anguish and stress (which usually this type of people has) into creativity. It helps to move beyond the fear of contest or judgement, allowing more freedom in acting in their own truth and beliefs. Moreover, it can unleash the creative and imaginative side and help you with your projects and artistic visions.

Approximate weight: 30g. 
Approximate size: 2,8x4,5x2cm.

Crystal: Amazonite. 
Country of origin: India. 
Chemical composition: KAlSi3 O8. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 6 - 6.5. 

Crystal and gemstone meanings, Detailed Amazonite properties

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