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Agate – XXS

Agate – XXS

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Agate XXS – The Essence of Earth and Harmony in a Handful of Stones

Introducing our charming Agate XXS crystals. These mini, but magnificent gemstones come in 35g packs, presenting you with the grounding and harmonizing effects of Agate in its most natural and compact form. Ideal for those seeking a constant source of balance and strength.

About Agate:

Agate, often recognized as the Stone of Strength, provides physical, emotional, and intellectual balance. Its soothing and calming properties help to eliminate negativity and harmonize your energies, resonating with the root chakra and connecting you to the earth.


  • Size: Our Agate XXS crystals come in handy 35g packs, perfect for grounding meditation, carrying with you, or as a charming addition to your crystal collection.
  • Color and Texture: Showcasing a range of earthy hues, these raw Agate crystals embody the grounding energy they channel.
  • Healing Properties: Agate encourages equilibrium across physical, emotional, and mental planes, fostering stability and self-confidence.

Why Choose Agate XXS?

  • For Balance: Agate’s grounding energy helps to balance your energies across physical, emotional, and intellectual planes.
  • For Self-Confidence: Known to foster self-confidence, Agate is a good companion for those in need of strength and support.
  • For Portability: These small, raw crystals are ideal for keeping the grounding energy of Agate close at hand.

Perfect For:

  • Harmony Seekers: Those aiming to balance their energies and enhance their stability.
  • Self-Confidence Boosters: Those looking to build self-confidence and inner strength.
  • Gifts: Agate XXS crystals make thoughtful gifts, symbolizing strength and balance.


Our Agate XXS crystals, while tiny, embody the strength and grounding properties that Agate is known for. Their earthy hues and profound healing energy make them a valuable asset for anyone seeking balance and self-confidence.

Please note: As Agate is a natural product, variations in color, size, and texture are normal.

Connect with the earth and harmonize your energies with our raw Agate XXS crystals. Perfect for meditation, as a pocket companion, or as a unique gift, these small but powerful crystals are ready to help you find balance and strength in your life.

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