Koleksi: Apache nangis

Apache Tears, a variety of Obsidian, are small rounded and polished stones, dark in color with occasional translucency. Their formation is the result of natural glass lava that has solidified quickly under intense heat. Their name comes from a heart-wrenching Native American legend about grieving Apache women who shed tears of sorrow, which turned into these dark, globular stones.

Metaphysically, Apache Tears are powerful stones for grounding and protection. Strongly connected to the root chakra, they're believed to absorb negative energy and shield the wearer from psychic attacks, promoting emotional balance and resilience during challenging times.

Emotionally, Apache Tears are renowned for their healing properties. They're believed to gently help in the processing of grief and trauma, bringing understanding and acceptance of our emotional pain. These stones are also said to stimulate forgiveness and support in the release of old hurts, encouraging emotional freedom and a sense of peace.

On a personal level, Apache Tears are thought to enhance one's ability to recognize the approach of threatening situations, acting like a spiritual alarm system. They are also reputed to stimulate analytical capabilities and promote a logical approach to solutions, enhancing your decision-making process.

Spiritually, Apache Tears are regarded as stones of spiritual protection. They help cleanse the aura of negative energies and block psychic attacks. In meditation, they can ground you in the present moment, open the root chakra, and promote the grounding of spiritual energies.

In essence, Apache Tears are gems of compassion, offering comfort and support during times of sorrow. They serve as reminders that even in moments of grief and loss, healing and transformation are possible. These stones encourage us to bravely face our deepest fears and sorrows, fostering emotional resilience and leading us toward profound personal growth.

Apache tears