Purple heart pendant – Donut

Purple fluorite pendant – Donut 30mm

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The word fluorite is derived from the Latin verb fluere, meaning to flow. Fluorite is birthstone for people born in the spring between April 20 and May 20. Different colors of fluorite are beneficial for different chakras like Blue fluorite is good for the throat chakra, Purple is good the third eye chakra, yellow fluorite is good for Solar Plexus Chakra while Green being the most beneficial for the heart chakra. It stabilizes and clears the aura around you and works like a filter to eliminate any negative energy from coming near you. It is also a good crystal to get rid of depression, frustration and stress. In exams seasons keep a fluorite near you which will help you focus and avoid you mind from getting stressed. It stimulates the regeneration process and heals the wounds while restructuring of the DNA and cells. It is an excellent stone for learners because of its ability to increase confidence, concentration and focus while protecting them from the negative energies, stress and fear. It also helps in decision making due to its power of cleansing the mind and improving the balance and coordination of the body.

Crystal: Fluorite. 
Country of origin: China. 
Chemical composition: CaF. 
Hardness based on Mohs scale: 4. 

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