How to Identify Crystals (Easy and Proven Methods)

You are probably new to this crystals thing, right?  

It's normal that someone comes across the random crystals and want to know the exact identity of crystals.

And If you don't know the category and purpose of crystals—there is no need to have any, right?  

Here's how you can identify the crystals...


2 Methods of Crystals Identification:

There are two main methods that you can use for identifying the crystals. 

Firstly, you can match it with the shape and color of prominent crystals on the internet.

Secondly, you can get help from the professional crystal identifier in this regard.  

Method 1: Identify the crystals on your own

This method is further divided into distinguished steps i.e. identification by color and identification by shape.

Make sure you clean your crystal with a wet cloth to get the right idea of the physical characteristics.

Color could be the main source of identification:

The identification of the crystals through color is probably the easiest way that you can utilize for identifying the crystals. 

All you need to do is to access the crystal color identification guide and match the color of your crystal.

For example, if you have a Green color crystal, you might be looking at Emerald or Sapphire. Matching the color of these crystals with yours might help you reach the right identification. 

Here is the list of some of the prominent colors that can be often seen in the crystals around us. 

Green Color:

Emerald and Sapphire can be the green color crystal that you have in your hand. Match it closely with the color of these crystals for making it sure.

Purple Color: 

Amethyst or a Charoite could be the name of your crystal if it is purple in color.

Yellow or Gold color:

If your stone is having yellow or gold color, then you might have Topaz or Citrine in your hand.

Red Color:

The red crystals usually indicate that you have Garner or Ruby with you.

Pink Color:

Rose quartz or a Rhodochrosite could be the options if the crystal that you have is Pink in color.

Crystal identification with Shape:

The second method of identifying the crystal without visiting the professional is to search for its shape.

The shape of the crystal can reveal a lot of information about it. If you have a hexagonal crystal, then you would have a specific crystal in hand. 

For your ease, let me tell you the shape of some of the prominent crystals that we have around us:

Hexagonal Shape:

If your crystal is having a hexagonal shape, then you might have Emerald or Aquamarine with you. 

Cube Shape:

The cube shape crystal that we often see around us includes PyriteFluorite, and Diamond. 

Orthorhombic Shape:

Peridot is the most famous crystal that is available in Orthorhombic shape.

Tetragon Shape:

Tetragon is the shape of Apophyllite and Zircon. 

Triclinic Shape:

If you find that the crystal that you have is Triclinic in shape, then you might have Labradorite or Turquoise with you.

You can adopt any of these ways to reach a conclusion. However, it is advised that you should use both of these ways to reach the final conclusion. 

For example, if you have started with the color identification and found a particular group of crystals that fall in the range. The next step should be to match the usual shape of that particular crystal with your crystal. 

If both the color and shape tests are passed by your crystal, then you have found the right name and identity of that crystal. 

Method 2: Identify the crystal by getting help from the expert:

In this method, all you need to do is to find the crystal expert and show your crystal to him/ her. It won’t take much of your time and resources and you’ll have an authentic answer for your crystal as well. 

The experts might charge you some particular amount for the appointment and identification of the crystal. 


General Tips to keep in mind:

Here are some general tips that you should keep in mind to reach the right identity of your crystal:

  • While identifying the right crystal, make sure you have cleaned it properly. This will help in making it easier for you to judge the color and shape of the crystal.
  • Make sure that the stone that you have is in the Crustal form, there are raw forms of these stones as well, which might look different than the crystals.
  • There could be a chance that your crystal could be a duplicate or copy of the original crystal. To find the originality of the crystal, you’ll have to show it to the expert.