6 Best Crystals for Prosperity (Attract Money with Lucky Charms)

Have you been struggling hard to make your ends meet? With every new opportunity do you find an associated hindrance that takes away all your energy and the net result is no profit? 

You should probably look for some crystals for prosperity that can attract wealth for you. Sounds interesting? 

Let’s discuss these crystals in a bit more detail to help you clarify the concept.

What are Crystals for Prosperity?

The crystals for prosperity are extracted from the ground. These crystals have specific energy and inherent capabilities stored in them—when these crystals are connected with humans, These can generate similar energy or resources towards them, maybe leading to the prosperity of the individual.

The concept is similar to the radiation of energy or vibrational frequency—The vibrational energy released from these crystals creates an aura that helps in the attraction of wealth, thus making certain crystals, the crystals of wealth. 


What are some of the crystals for wealth?

Here are some of the crystals that are believed to be the crystals for wealth.


The other name for Pyrite is the Fool’s Gold. Not sure why is it known as “fool” but it is full of gold. Not literally! But it's energy ultimately helps in the attraction of money and wealth. 

Physical Traits: 

It's a Yellow and Gold color crystal when it's in the raw form. UK, Australia, South Africa, and the United States of America are some of the origin countries from where you can get this Pyrite crystal. 

Energy content:

Pyrite crystals are full of energy, believed to provide people richness, coins, and cash. You can expect it to generate gold energy, leading to abundance. Courage and vitality are amongst the traits that come with this Pyrite crystal. 


Apart from the financial benefits, Pyrite crystal is quite clear in bringing abundance to the other domains of your life as well including intellect and opportunities.

How to use it?

You can keep this stone in your pocket or your wallet to see the benefits. Keeping it in your financial drawer can also generate energy for the attraction of wealth. Some pros say you can keep it over your business card to get the desired benefits. 

Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is known as the Gambler’s Stone. It is also known as the Stone of Opportunity. 

Physical Trait:

As the name suggests the "Green Aventurine" is Green in color. This form of quartz has a shiny and glittery image that gives the stone its beautiful shape and is one of the reasons that it could be easily used in different forms of jewelry.

This crystal is found in China, Russia, Tibet, and Nepal indigenously.

Energy Content:

The energy associated with Green Aventurine influences the mindset that leads to money and wealth. The energy from Green Aventurine would be transformed into opportunities and better decisions, which could ultimately be seen in the form of financial success.


It is the stone of opportunities, you can expect some great opportunities knocking at your doorstep while using this stone. You can also expect a positive influence on the mind and heart. Moreover, optimism and positivity are also created as a result of the energy that is emitted from this crystal.

How to use it?

The pros of dealing with crystals suggest you use eight Green Aventurine stone together. This is because in numerology eight is the number of wealth and opportunity. So, when numbers will combine with the energy from the stone, you are more likely to get the benefits.


The next stone that we have on the list to share with you is the Citrine crystal. Merchant’s Stone is the other name that is associated with this crystal because the merchants consider it their lucky charm. 

Physical Traits:

Pale, honey, or brown is the color of the stone. Brazil, Russia, UK, and the USA are some of the countries where this crystal can be found. 

Energy Content:

The energy content that this crystal generates leads to personal power and monetary abundance. Also, it can create happiness, which could be the source of wealth ultimately. 

You’ll see some positive changes in your mood after using the crystal that could be beneficial for your overall health and prosperity.


The Citrine Crystal can help in the reduction of issues, associated with earning more money. With a clearer path ahead, you can expect money to be knocking your door now and then. 

Another benefit of Citrine is that it makes you generous. When you share your wealth, you create a new circle of wealth to attract more money. Just imagine how this continuous circle of generating income would be created with it.

How to use it?

To use the Citrine Stone in the best possible way, you can keep it in the place where you have all your money stored. It could be anywhere in your home or your business. It would work effectively. 

Tiger‘s Eye:

The next stone that comes on the list of the crystals for prosperity is the Tiger’s Eye. With this stone, you can get multiple benefits amongst which one is the abundance of wealth. Usually, the other name that is associated with this stone is the stone of the mind.

Physical Trait:

It can be found in multiple colors ranging from yellow, red, and brown. Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa are the major countries from where you can get this crystal. 

Energy Content:

The energy content coming from this stone will give you a new perspective through which you can see something new, the things that had been previously blindfolded would become prominent while using this crystal. 

The energy emitted from this crystal will help you in dealing with the problematic situation with a calm mind.


With the help of Tiger’s Eye Crystal, you can expect some positive energy flowing towards your inner self and change your perspective over time. You’ll be able to find creative solutions and do better decision-making by keeping this crystal with you.

Also, Tiger’s Eye stone will give you immense motivation and willpower through which you’ll be able to get a higher level of success. 

How to use it?

The best way to use the Tiger’s Stone is to keep the crystal in your pocket when going for spending money or shopping etc. 

Using this technique will reduce any chances if impulsive buying and would ensure that you take all the steps to reach the right product, making you spend your money effectively.

Green Jade:

Green Jade is one of the crystals on the list of the best crystals of abundance. 

Physical Traits:

Green Jade is green in color. Some of the countries call it the crystal of luck for the reason that it can bring in long-term benefits for the possessor. Russia, Myanmar, China, and the USA are some of the countries from where you can get the Green jade, Crystal.  

Energy Content:

The energy content Of Green Jade is full of healing power. It does not impact as instantly as some other crystals may work/ But the emission of energy is constant and the impact is usually seen in the long run. 


The energy from this crystal will help you in identifying the right opportunities and making the right decisions concerning financial matters.

Also, the crystal is expected to bring in long-term energy in your life, thus making you wealthier and successful over time.

You’ll be able to feel that your life is full of wisdom and the right decision-making. 

How to use it?

According to the crystal experts, the best way to use Green Jade is by getting the elephant with a raised trunk made of Green Jade. Other green stones can also be used along with Green Jade to increase the chances of prosperity. 


Another stone that you can use for creating wealth is the Bloodstone. Here’s how it looks and what benefits can it bring for you.

Physical Traits:

This stone is usually opaque. The deep forest color with visible red spots on the surface gives it the name and special design that is associated with the Bloodstone. Vitreous luster is associated with this special crystal.

Energy Content:

With its strong energy, you can expect your blood to be cleansed from all the negative energy that is part of your body and system. 

Creativity and idealism are two important traits that the energy from the stone generates for you. The result of both these traits is usually seen in the form of more money.


You’ll have more ideas to invest your money and generate more income, resulting in the collection of more wealth. 

Also, the higher level of positivity means a better approach to making decisions, and the overall impact can be seen in the form of accumulation of wealth.

How to use it?

You’ll have to put the Bloodstone in the place where you keep your money. It could be anywhere in your wallet, drawer, or locker. 

With the help of the stone, you’ll be able to keep your money retained along with the creation of more money based on the concept of like attracts like. 


These are amongst a few crystals that can help you in getting wealthier over time. With these lucky charms, You will be able to attract more money on the principle of “like attracts like.” 

You will be able to make a more informed decision because of the inner power coming from these crystals. Some of these crystals work by providing you with the healing power to get long-term and continuous benefits.