21 Types of Crystals (In-Depth Explanation)

Crystals look almost the same and the difference is only with colors and shapes, right?

Well, that's actually what I thought as well when I was new to this thing. But, there are a lot of crystals types and we are going to discuss 21 of them.

How many types of crystals are available?

There are hundreds of crystals with unique benefits and aesthetic elements associated with them. Some of the crystals are common like Ruby, Sapphire, etc.

That's not it! There are a lot of commonly used crystals that you would not probably know...

Let's go...


1: Agate 

Agate is known as the crystal of stability. By using this crystal, expect your life to come to a balance. 

You’ll be able to concentrate on the positivity in your personality and limit the negative aspects, ultimately creating an environment where you can expect some harmony in your life. 

Also, expect Agate crystal to bring some focus and concentration as well. With this focus and improved concentration, you can achieve a higher level of success and secure your future. 

2: Abalone

Abalone crystals are important when we are talking about the protective and healing energy. By using this crystal, expect your surroundings to be full of positivity, as the stone will shield you from all the negative energy. 

This Abalone crystal is well suited if you are looking for some guidance in your relationship. The compassion and love that comes with this crystal is the reason for the relationship guidance that you can expect from this crystal. 

3: Amazonite

This crystal is full of optimism and positive energy. The negativity in our life as a result of past events could be a great hindrance that is impacting our present life. 

In such a situation, the use of Amazonite crystal can bring positive energy in your heart, helping you to throw out all the negative vibes that had been restraining the positivity within yourself. 

4: Angelite

If you are looking for a crystal that comforts you, then Angelite is the right crystal for you. 

With Angelite crystal, you can embark on your spiritual journey and expect to be accompanied by a guide in the form of the Angelite Crystal. It has the power to console you and brings back your energy when you are feeling down.

5: Apatite

You can expect Apatite to increase your appetite for life and creativity. The strong energy of this crystal can get you better ambitions and the right path toward your goals.

6: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is also known as a tranquilizer. It can help you with closing the unfinished businesses by letting you go with the flow. 

It helps in taking away all the fear and stress from your life leaving your heart with utmost peace. With the gentle properties of Aquamarine crystal, expect some rejuvenating energy to be part of your body to bring you to the renewal phase.

7: Aventurine

Aventurine crystal is known for the good luck that it brings to your life. If you are a risk-taker and want all your bets to go by your side, then this Aventurine crystal can do wonders for you. 

Also, it's known to bring confidence in your personality, making it easier for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. With the combination of confidence and good luck, this crystal should be your first choice. 

8: Bloodstone

Bloodstone is believed to bring new and positive energy in yourself, which helps you in getting some important things done. With this Bloodstone crystal, your spirit, rain, heart, and body, all of them get positive energy and therefore work in collaboration with each other to help you achieve your ultimate objectives. 

9: Diamond

It is one of the most renowned crystals that are often known for its aesthetic beauty. However, it also has some great healing power. Whether used in the cut form or the raw one, diamond crystal can radiate light to illuminate your path to find your inner self. It helps you with your spiritual journey and can be effective when it comes to spiritual enlightenment. 

10: Epidote

The Epidote crystal is known for the emotional healing that it brings for the users of this stone. If you are suffering from a broken heart or want some energy to mend yourself, you can always refer to this stone and get your lost energy gradually.

11: Hematite

This Hematite crystal can bring some concentration and focus in your life, ensuring a complete reality check regarding your thoughts, ground realities, and the execution of the thoughts. 

As this crystal derives its names from the blood, using it can increase the blood circulation in the body drastically. It provides a good treatment for the people suffering from spasms and lack of blood circulation.

12: Jade

If we would call it the lucky stone for all your things, that won’t be wrong. Whether you have a job interview or have your first date arranged, keep the crystal with you and see the charming impact. 

It helps in enlightening the spirit through purity and clarity, which is an inherent part of this Jade crystal

13: Lemurian Quartz

With this crystal, expect some new ideas to cross your mind; however, the major impact that you would see is the peace and calmness.

You’ll feel more relaxed with the natural speed of how things are going rather than running haphazardly to achieve your objectives. 

14: Malachite

Malachite crystal would advise you about the emotional happenings in your life with complete openness to letting you evaluate the situation in the best possible way so that you can make proper decisions. 

By using this crystal, expect to remove excessive negativity from your mind and the body and live an optimistic life.

15: Moonstone

You’ll find Moonstone crystals as the light in the darkness. The inherent abilities of these crystals can establish your connection with your inner self to unleash immense energy that resides inside you. 

Overall balance and good health are the two benefits that you should expect Moonstone Crystal to bring for you. 

16: Obsidian

If you want a true analysis of your personality, then you probably need this crystal to be part of your life. Obsidian Crystal can help you accept all aspects of your personality no matter how frustrating they could be. 

The best part is that it does not only let you accept the positive and negative aspects but also has a tendency to eliminate the negativity and bring in something highly positive out of your personality.

17: Onyx

This is a wonderful crystal that would take everything that is keeping you down and would transform all the negativity into positive energy, which in turn gives you confidence and protection from the negatives and overall balance. 

This Onyx crystal can help you let go of the things that are undesirable in your life.

18: Peridot

It can extract all the negative emotions including jealousy, hatred, and stress from your body. 

These toxic emotions are converted into confidence, positivity, and radiant energy, thus providing you with a new purpose in life. Peridot crystal can be better known as a cleansing crystal responsible for bringing in all the positive changes in your life. 

19: Pyrite

Pyrite is believed to get you more wealth. It helps in attracting the wealth for you, so expect to be ricer after its use. 

The wealth attraction through Pyrite crystal is not physical rather it helps you grow as a person, highlighting the problems that are hindering you from attracting wealth in the current condition and providing you with the ground to transform those habits and traits.

20: Red Jasper

Red jasper or the Nurturer is the crystal that provides you with the healing power for your mind and body against all sorts of stress. 

The comfort that comes with this crystal soothes your mind to let you focus on the things that are truly important in your life. Also, Red Jasper instills creativity in you to help you deal with your existing problems that seemed to be never-ending.

21: Rose Quartz

This Rose Quartz crystal is a wonderful way to attract all the love that you need from the universe. Whether you want self-love, focus on family love, or want the relationship love.

Rose Quartz tends to provide you with all these sorts. Happiness and compassion would be the only emotions that will fill your heart.